Gulf Ice Factory & Modern Ice Factory (G&M Ice) is a trusted name with a rich history in producing ice products. It has flourished by leaps and bounds since its inception in 1976 in the emirate of Sharjah followed by setting up of multiple units like Modern Ice Factory in 1989, Quality Ice Distribution Office in 1992, Tube Ice Production in 2000 & its latest production facility at Dubai Investments Park launched in May 2008. Being the largest ice producer in the UAE, G&M Ice brings to you a world of cooling convenience. As ice constitutes an inescapable factor in the UAE, where the heat wave is always rising, G&M Ice offers versatile cooling solutions.
With quality hygienic products, namely Block Ice, Crushed Ice, Tube Ice & Ice Carvings, state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent customer service, G&M Ice was a trendsetter in the UAE’s Ice industry. An everyday production capacity of 900 tons with a fleet of over 50 trucks delivering to your doorsteps, followed by an extensive distribution to all renowned supermarkets, hotels, chemical industries, restaurants, food processing plants and fisheries sector. With a highly skilled team of over 130 workers, G&M Ice stands as the leader in the Ice industry with plans to expand further in the GCC states

Message from Chairman

Since G&M Ice inception in 1976, focus has always been to offer the best chilling products to our people. We would like to grow into more profitable business provided we strive to deliver state of the art solutions, contribute to our society and its people’s well-being.
We do not see it as a business only; it is a place where we merge best of modern technologies and human-capital to work towards our corporate goal of serving our society. We are well grounded to our ancestry and look up to their vision, since this business has been passed to its second generation. This is a driving force towards our ambition to have excellence in what we do; in provision of cooling products, contributing to healthier environment and delivering hygienic products line.
As we continue to grow, and sustain ourselves as largest producer and distributer of ice in the entire UAE, we will continue our quest to improve our product offering, keeping in mind our society and their wellbeing as priority.
We welcome you should you wish to join hands as partners or be valued consumers, enjoying our chilling products!
Stay Cool with G&M Ice.
Welcome to G&M Ice.
Obaid S. Al-Shaer

Commitment to Quality
Being awarded the HACCP certificate, G&M Ice maintains quality standards. HACCP Certification is a measuring tool to ensure complete hygiene standards. The certification guarantees a quality internal control system with a consistent stability in each and every process

Since 1976 it has come a long way establishing itself as a reliable name. During those early days the focal point was on fisheries business to which crushed & blocked ice were supplied. Gradually with utmost commitment and hard work, the company featured into various product lines like Tube Ice and Ice Carvings. Since then G&M Ice carved a niche for itself never looked back.
Having expanded into three massive production units today in the UAE with a modern manufacturing plant at Dubai Investment Park, G&M Ice prides itself to be the largest producer and distributor in the UAE. With a visionary leadership, G&M Ice has not only extended its reach, but has multiplied its turnover to a large degree. With significant developments equipped with the latest technology, the team at G&M Ice aspires to broaden their horizon in times to come.
G&M Ice unique process freezes water in motion, that allows pure water to freeze, allowing any remains of “impurities” to overflow.

G&M Ice last longer as it is hard frozen. By freezing water in motion, our ice production process does not allow air to be trapped in the ice and hence a solid crystal ice is produced that lasts longer.

G&M Ice undergo many filtration methods that is coupled by our state-of-art freezing process, that results in producing crystal clear hygienic ice from pure filtered water.

G&M Ice utilizes multiple filtration processes to ensure that only pure water is used in the production of our ice.